Susannah Simpson is a multi-disciplinary artist from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, based in NYC. Through a wide range of media including performance art, poetry, dance, installation, and eco-pornography, Susannah seeks to examine and honor our connection to Earth, an undeniable fact she believes deems all beings intrinsically sacred and worthy of a happy, healthy existence. From this consciousness and her own embodied location, she works to investigate and celebrate a fuller spectrum of being-hood by exploding and transforming archaic, oppressive interpretations of history, language, and gender to acknowledge a fuller range of possibility. She is creating an alternative, embodied encyclopedia presenting new definitions of sexiness, power, intelligence, masculinity, femininity, and humanity.  For our ancestors, babies, each other, and the Earth, she is committed to using her artistic process and body/voice to cultivate a culture where all possibilities of expression are available, and empathy, pleasure, respect, and freedom are deemed vital human rights.


Her work has been shown at many venues throughout the US and Mexico, including college campuses, art galleries, DIY Spaces, traditional theaters and museums, and the homes of those kind and willing enough to support live performance art. In New York she has performed at The Whitney Museum of American Art, Dance New Amsterdam, Body Actualized Center, Secret Project Robot, Moma P.S.1, The Museum of Moving Images, and Stream Gallery, among others. On tours throughout the US her work has been shown at Eyedrum Gallery (GA), The Museum of Human Achievement (TX), The Mudlark Public Theater (New Orleans), Pianofight (CA), The Clinton St. Theatre (OR) and many more. Through the dance and movement arts intensive Performatica she has taught and shared work at Universidad de las Americas Puebla, in Cholula Mexico. In Spring 2017, she completed a two-month residency at Segundo Piso, a community, movement-based arts center in Cholula, where she created a version of her piece WARM WOMEN in Spanish with Latina performers. The new piece, WARM WOMEN CHOLULA, was performed at various venues throughout Cholula and Puebla, MX, and at Punto Gozadera in Mexico City.


Susannah is a founder of the feminist, spiritual community Moon Church, a teacher of yoga, dance, and multi-disciplinary creative workshops, and a leader of individual and collective ceremonies. As a writer, she published the collection of poems, "I’LL GIVE IT TO YOU," through a residency with Honeybee Press 2015, and is currently working on a collection of essays exploring societal repression/oppression through traditional standards of beauty, gender, and sexuality, and examining alternative possibilities for existing and relating. As an actor, she has performed in many projects, including “The Puppet Man," dircted by Jacqueline Castel, which premiered at Sundance in 2016, Gina Telaroli's feature, “Here’s to the Future,” and as Steve Buscemi's lady of the night in “Boardwalk Empire.” Her paintings and installations have been shown at The Living Gallery, Tarot Society, and Studio X in Brooklyn.


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