MOTHER MEN is a performance art piece (to be!) that investigates the male relationship (including trans men and non-binary beings who identify with their assigned-male-at-birth bodies) to pregnancy and fertility. These domains, due to both biology and socialization, have been primarily relegated to women. Susannah is curious how men might embody those different states and energies outside of literally conceiving. 

What might it be like to be physically unable to become pregnant, while being aware of, witnessing, and/or co-experiencing pregnancy? How can men and other-gendered creatures be "pregnant" without going through childbirth, and what else can one be pregnant with? Aside from virility, how does fertility breed itself within the male body and identity?


WARM WOMEN is an ever-evolving performance art piece exploring female/femme sexuality in all its expansiveness, complexity, and magic through the stories and lenses of the womxn involved.

The original piece premiered at Bushwick Open Studios in Brooklyn., NY June of 2015, and went on to go on a National US tour the following Spring 2016, in efforts to share the piece with as wide a range of audiences possible.

WARM WOMEN at Piano Fight in San Francisco, March 2016

After many years of traveling, and deeply falling in love with Mexico, and connecting with the creative community in the pueblo magico Cholula, both by performing, and facilitating, at Performatica, a bi-annual intensive/celebration of dance and movement arts held at UDLAP (Universidad de Las Americas Puebla), a desire was bred to create a new version of WARM WOMEN in Spanish with femme performers in community there.

In Spring 2017, through a residency at the DIY arts space Segundo Piso (helmed by the eaders of Performatica),  WARM WOMEN CHOLULA was born. This iteration of the piece is entirely in Spanish, made in collaboration with the Latina performers involved.

WARM WOMEN CHOLULA at Casa Nueve Workósfera Puebla, MX