From Susannah:

I believe new and wide-ranging representations of eroticism and sexuality are imperative for the healthy evolution of our civilization. I am literally starting from the ground up. I identify as an eco-sexual, a being that believes in a multitude of connections to the Earth, including an innately sensual relationship. 

The Earth, her magic, and vast scope of manifestations turn me on, stoke me up, delight and intrigue me. I see the Earth as the ultimate sexy, fluid entity, from which we were made, and from where our own currents of desire and sensation are born. Human beings, by their very embodiment, are phenomena of nature. 

I want to explore her, and myself accordingly, as a way to honor this earthly opportunity and celebrate all that sensuality entails. As a devout eco-feminist and sex-positivity warrior, this speaks to my deepest belief in conscious, empowered embodiment as a venue for holistic (r)evolution.


Untitled Icelandic Porno #1

Eco-porn Stills

From GOLDEN BOND, 2017

From SHELL PORNO (Teaser), 2017

Eco-porns are available for film and art gallery screenings.



An installation altar devoted to nourishing and honoring the earthliness and sensuality of the Virgin Mary. The altar mimics shapes inherent in Catholic iconography in its format, while also bearing fruit, flowers, hair, and seashells elevating and including such earthly and human elements into the realm of the "Divine." 

This piece was made as part of a larger, continuing body of work attempting to restore autonomy and voice to the human known as Mary, to nourish and explore the possibilities of her being outside of the Virgin and Mother roles. 

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